Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tutorial : Adding brushes over paper/photo layers

Hello there, to all the Scrapyrus Design's followers, I have a little trick when using a brush that looks like a rub-on embellishment. In my paper scrapbooking days I wouldn’t place a rub-on over the photo as the different heights of the papers would distort the lines of the rub-on. And even for a while in digi scrapping I would only place my brushes on the background, paper layer. However since I have learnt this trick I layer brushes over my photo or other paper layers all the time.

You create your layout, placing the photo, embellies and brushes. With the brush layer highlighted (I use PSE12) and the marquee tool selected you draw a rectangle around the area of the brush that is on the back ground paper and then type Crtl+J which makes a copy and places it on a second layer. You then need to delete that same selection from the original brush. Next using the arrow keys you nudge the background portion of the brush about three times to the left and three times down, until the gap between the two portions of the brush are apparent and you are happy with it. This causes a break in the lines of the brush, as though the "rub-on" was rubbed over different paper layers.

Save your layouts and upload to the galleries. I would love it if you try this technique and want to show us, please leave your links in the comments section.


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