Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Blog Challenge

We hope you enjoyed the September template challenge. We sure enjoyed seeing all your pages. It was a difficult decision to pick the winner, but we do have one. Before we announce the three winners, let me tell what this month's challenge is about:

The rules:
  • Create a monochromatic layout using only shades of blue and/or teal. You are allowed a few accents in neutral colors (white, black, cream or brown)
  • Layouts should be made with 100% Scrapyrus Designs products.
  • Freebies are allowed.
  • You are welcome to submit more than 1 layout. Each page will give you a chance to win.
  • For a chance to win to win the first prize, upload your page(s) and put the link in the comments on this blog post before October 25th.
This month, you are playing for one guest spot on the Scrapyrus Designs' team in November. The winner will be picked by the Scrapyrus team.

And to show you how easy this challenge actually is, here is some inspiration from the Scrapyrus team:

Diane has made these two gorgeous pages:

La Belle Province, Miracle, Inner Beauty, Beach Treasures, Splendour and This is Me
Everything by Scrapyrus Designs @ Mscraps
Inner Beauty and You Did It by Scrapyrus Designs @ Mscraps
And Petra was on a roll too and created these beauties:

Beach Treasures, Anchor My Love, This Is Me and Splendour
Everything by Scrapyrus Designs @ Mscraps
Color Of Happy, Inner Beauty, Papyrus, New Beginnings and This Is Me
Everything by Scrapyrus Designs @ Mscraps

The winners from the September challenge are:

gardnwings who was selected as winner and she will be joining the team for a month as guest CT.

and P. Lea and Miranda both win the first release of October. Please e-mail scrapyrusdesigns at gmail dot com. Your coupon will be sent when the new release is in the shop.

By P. Lea

By Miranda

Congratulations Ladies!


  1. Congrats Ladies ! Really beautiful layout!
    And how beautiful page from scrapyus team as inspiration of this new challenge

  2. thank you so much - I am so excited!!

  3. beautiful layout for example and good idea for this challenge.
    look at my LO here : http://www.mscraps.com/galleri/showphoto.php?photo=68032&title=minou-scule&cat=773
    I hope I understand and I thank you for the chance to win ...

  4. Thank you thank you!! So excited to be a runner up!

    I LOVE the new challenge. Those pages are gorgeous.

    Here is my try:

  5. Love the challenge.Beautiful layouts for example!
    Here is my LO: http://www.mscraps.com/galleri/showphoto.php?photo=68205&title=birdwatcher-21&cat=773

  6. Here's one from me! http://www.mscraps.com/galleri/showphoto.php?photo=68315&title=you-get-it-from-me&cat=773

  7. I made another: http://www.mscraps.com/galleri/showphoto.php?photo=68363&title=new-ipad&cat=773

  8. my layout for the challenge: http://www.mscraps.com/galleri/showphoto.php?photo=68701&title=bath-time&cat=all
    Thanks for chance

  9. love your kits! My layout for this challenge

  10. What should I do to receive my prize from last month's challenge? I have emailed twice but still haven't received anything. Thanks!

    1. Glad to hear that all is ok with your coupon now. Sorry for the delay.

    2. yes thanks for looking into it :)

  11. Thanks for the challenge! Here's my page :)

  12. I used another designer's template (forgot you said 100% Scrapyrus products), so I don't think mine qualifies, but I at least wanted to show my page, because I love how it turned out. I used parts from five of your kits (some items recolored).

  13. Loved this challenge - all the kits I have of yours seem to fit into this colour range! here's mine: