Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tutorial: Sharpening for web

If you have ever looked through galleries online and wondered how some people's layouts look so much better than others...this tutorial is for you. Regretfully this is for photoshop or photoshop elements users only.

Create your layout as normal.
 Resize it to 600px. (image - resize- image size 600px by 600px at 72 dpi, keep scale styles, constrain proportions and resample image boxes all checked.)
Save this as a jpeg image.

I then open this new saved jpeg image, and go to Enhance - unsharp mask (150% amount, 0.3 pixel radius and 0 threshold), then save it again, over writing the original.

The difference is subtle but marked, even when viewed side by side.

I would then resize for web to decrease the size down to the 250 kb maximum most galleries require and save it as a smaller version with the same name ~ adding a small into the title, without over writing the saved image.
I hope this simple tutorial helps you to add that extra something special to your layouts when viewed in galleries.

For my layout Learners I used Scrapyrus Design's kit called Hit the Road.

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